Cup of Stars

Cup of Stars


Like a starry sky poking out between mountains and trees, this glaze provides the perfect scene for your warm cup of coffee or tea. This wheel thrown stoneware mug has been drizzled with a drippy blue glaze that overlaps the brown matte glaze below. This overlapping creates the affect of the trees and mountains.


Once glazed the mugs are hand painted with small stars using gold lustre. Gold lustre is made up of real particles of gold, these particles are suspended in a liquid medium which after being painted onto the surface, and fired in the kiln leaves beautiful gold shiny stars!


Dimensions: 80mm (D not including handle) x 83mm (H)

Capacity: approx. 300ml


Each piece is completely handmade, therefore 100% original and unique. No two pieces are exactly alike.Shape, size, dimensions vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Care & Use

    Please note that products adorned with gold lustre cannot be put in the microwave and should be hand washed to prevent tarnishing. Hand wash before first use.