A B O U T  U S 

Wellington Murphy is a bespoke ceramic floral arrangement service. Our custom design service allows for an abundance of colours, finishes and sizes; perfect for the home, as wedding decorations, and as the perfect special gift.

The process of ceramics is a fascinating and rewarding one. Extensive testing of the clay and glazes ensures for a professional looking piece. Of course, as handmade pieces they are prone to slight variations in colour and size. We believe this variety adds a charming aspect to every piece, as each one is unique and crafted with care. 

W E L L I N G T O N   M U R P H Y 


Copyright ® 2017  All rights reserved.  All ceramics handmade in Oxfordshire, England. Please note that all pieces will vary slightly in size, colour and shape due to the nature if the kiln firing process.
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